Rated 15

1st Elory episode on the wikia

(in the hideout...)

Ben: Wait... did you really mean it when you said "I love you"?

Aliviah: Of course I did :D

Ben: (Whispers to Aliviah)

Aliviah: Yes!!!


Elory: (walks around with a video camera) I need a good video for youtube...


Ben: Soo lets do it!

Aliviah: Ok.

(Aliviah and Ben start kissing)


Elory: (spots Aliviah and Ben kissing)... OMG!!! (videos them)

Elory: Gotcha!

Aliviah and Ben: (stops kissing) O_O How?!

Elory: (runs off and puts the video on youtube)


Aliviah and Ben: (watches the video) :O how could she?!

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