Dog Conditions

Human years: Humadoga (Hoo-ma-dog-a)

Human brain: Brainadogahu (Brain-a-dog-a-hoo)

Powers: Powadogia (power-dog-ee-a)

Toilet problems: Toyladogen (toy-la-dog-ern)

Vomiting: Sickidoglo (sick-ee-dog-low)

Frightening thoughts: Frightadogee (fright-a-dog-ee)

Bad thoughts: Baddogoo (bad-dog-oo)

Broken bone(s): Brellia (brell-lia)

Engine conditions

Powers: Powatrain (power-train)

Toilet problems: Toyle (toy-ull)

Vomiting: Sickondra (sick-on-dra)

Frightening thoughts: Scarebeldo (scare-bell-do)

Bad thoughts: Badocona (bad-o-co-na)

Wobbly wheels: Wobatilna (wob-a-till-na)

Blocked funnel: Blockadonia (block-a-dow-nia)

Broken bone(s): Brakelina (break-lin-a)

Conditions for both

Can't stop spinning: Spinofalla (spin-o-falla)

Can't move: Stilophana (still-o-phay-na)

Aching bone(s): Achelofell (ache-lo-fell)

Can't stop moving: Movetilltia (move-till-tia)

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